Test 1

These English lessons are aimed at the beginner although people with a little experience of English may find some parts useful.

Pre Lessons

Lesson A

Lesson B
123 …

Unit 1

Lesson 1
Am/is/are + what/who?

Lesson 2
Introductions, greetings and farewells

Lesson 3
People and places + where?

Lesson 4
The alphabet + names

Lesson 5
Numbers 1 – 10

Unit 2

Lesson 6
More about people + titles

Lesson 7
Present continuous – positive “I am doing.”

Lesson 8
Present continuous – negative “I’m not doing.”

Lesson 9
Present continuous – questions “Am I doing?”

Lesson 10

Unit 3

Lesson 11
Present simple – positive “I do.”

Lesson 12
Present simple – negative “I don’t.”

Lesson 13
Present simple – questions “Do I?”

Lesson 14
Present simple vs. present continuous

Lesson 15
More numbers 10- 20

Unit 4

Lesson 16
Time 1 – On the hour

Lesson 17
Time 2 – Quarter past, half past, quarter to etc…

Lesson 18
Time 3 – Telling the time to the minute.

Lesson 19
Days of the week

Lesson 20
Even more numbers 21 – 1000

Unit 5

Lesson 21
Months of the year

Lesson 22
Ordinal numbers

Lesson 23
The seasons

Lesson 24
Appearances 1 – height, build etc… + to have

Lesson 25
Appearances 2 – facial features

Unit 6

Lesson 26
Adjectives for people and places

Lesson 27
Possessive adjectives

Lesson 28
Today, yesterday, tomorrow

Lesson 29
Simple past – positive – “I did.”

Lesson 30
Simple past – negative – “I didn’t.”

Unit 7

Lesson 31
Simple past – questions – “Did I? “

Lesson 32
Offering, Accepting and Refusing

Lesson 33
Likes and Dislikes

Lesson 34
Ordering in a cafe

Lesson 35
Paying in a cafe

Unit 8

Lesson 36
How much …? vs How many …?

Lesson 37
Turning Uncountable Nouns into Countable Nouns.

Lesson 38
Much vs Many

Lesson 39
The future using will or shall

Lesson 40
The future using the present continuous and ‘going to’

Unit 9

Lesson 41
Trains and boats and planes.

Lesson 42
Getting to know you.

Lesson 43

Lesson 44

Lesson 45

Unit 10

Lesson 46
Directions # 2

Lesson 47
Can / Could /
Be able to

Lesson 48
Present Perfect Simple positive.

Lesson 49
Present Perfect Simple negative.

Lesson 50
Present Perfect Simple questions.

Unit 11

Lesson 51
Should / Shouldn’t

Lesson 52
Prepositions # 1

Lesson 53
Prepositions # 2

Lesson 54
Prepositions # 3

Let’s move it up a notch!


Lesson 55
Food and Making Arrangements


English Pronunciation

The Letter A
English Pronunciation

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Materials Required

Online course material as provided.


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English First
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Learn English Forum Free
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Help support the web site by ordering these books through Amazon – they will help you with the course and me with the costs!

Grammar Book – Essential Grammar in Use – with Answers

Vocabulary Book – English Vocabulary in Use (Elementary)


Remember It At the beginning of a lesson revise these points.

Learn It – You can start with Unit 1 and go through each English lesson one by one. Each unit contains 5 English lessons. Or, you can pick and choose the lessons you think you need. The choice is yours.

The following symbols may appear:-

 – Listen to the pronunciation. (.rm files you will need Real Player – see above)

Ear – What you hear.

Mouth – What you say.

– What you write.

Practise It – For homework you may be given exercises from the recommended grammar and vocabulary books and the opportunity to practise what you have learnt on the Learn English forum.
Test It – At the end of each lesson do the online exercise(s).
Listen to It – You can listen to many of the words, poems or rhymes in each unit, I might even sing!

About the Learn English Network web sites

The Learn English Network covers a broad range of English skills.

Along with Learn English Online and the forum there is the Network, which contains English stories, poetry and books. Visit my Learn English site for a wealth of resources to help you learn English online, including help with dictation and pronunciation, along with sections on the basics of Englishspellinggrammar and activities such as gamestests and quizzes. In addition there is an extensivevocabulary section which uses pictures and sound and sections on British culture, customs and traditions. My teacher’s section is my attempt to share some of my experience and also provides advice on how to use this site to enrich your lessons along with lesson plans and handouts.

The English Magazine gives you fresh English reading and listening material every month, along with jokes, poems and puzzles.

All work no play makes Jack / Jill a dull boy / girl so you can have some Fun with English too.

All in all I think you will find the Learn English Network to be a colourful, interactive learning experience.


The main aim of Learn English is to help promote friendship and understanding amongst learners of English as a second language.



To enable EFL / ESL learners to take control of their own learning process.


To become the premier free EFL / ESL resource on the web.


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